Best Moving Company Ever!

Best Moving Company Ever! We are so happy we used J.D. Carton to move from Freehold to Mountain Lakes! Seamus O'Donnel and his crew were very professional & wonderful. Seamus gave us a quote and it was well-within his estimated range. I'm also really glad we had them pack us up - we have small kids and crazy schedules & packing up a whole house seemed like an impossible task! It was nice to have a professional do it right and no hassle! We ended up having some extra stuff last minute and it didn't all fit in the truck but Seamus immediately arrived on-site with another truck for the overflow. They also helped reassemble all furniture and specifically made sure the crib was assembled securely. I would definitely recommend J.D. Carton, Seamus & his crew to anyone who's moving! Moving to a new place is stressful enough, let a professional move your things right the first time & not have to worry about that major detail!