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New Jersey Relocation Management

Our multiple step relocation management process is a result of three generations of hard work and over 56 years of experience.

Keeping your employees informed with timely and accurate information throughout their relocation is the key focus of the J. D. Carton move coordinators. Attention to detail, pre-planning and effective communication are the key ingredients to keeping your employees comfortable with the relocation process. A dedicated, highly trained coordinator is assigned to each relocation so your employee has a single source of contact during their move.

Our relocation management process includes these important parts:

  • Each part of your employees' moves is supervised and watched by one of our professional coordinators. They make sure that the combination of your relocation policy, our standards and the employees' individual needs are met from the pre-move planning stage to final invoicing.
  • Our coordinators will perform an in-depth needs analysis to identify the specific moving needs, expectations and concerns of the relocating individual or family.
  • Our coordinators prepare and schedule a thorough survey of moving services required that includes a room-by-room inventory of what is needed. They will then prepare a detailed cost estimate for that employee relocation. Special requirements, packing or unusual items are highlighted and made part of the overall relocation plan.
  • The move coordinator will get final approval of the move costs and plan and begin the coordination with the different operations people involved.
  • Our coordinator will personally be responsible for all communication with your employee. They will confirm everything from packing dates to final delivery. The coordinator will be with your employee each step of the way.
  • Your employee is contacted one week before and on each day of packing, loading, unloading and unpacking. Regular contact is important during this stressful time and our coordinators will assist your employee each step of the way.
  • If the employee has questions or needs information, they can contact their coordinator directly. This can be done through direct phone access and direct e-mail. Our coordinators have the power and authority to respond quickly and efficiently to the needs of your employee.

At J. D. Carton & Son, Inc., we stop at nothing to keep you and your employees productive before, during and after a move, and our relocation management helps make the relocation seamless. Contact J.D. Carton at (973) 536-2424 to discuss relocation management. One of our knowledgeable and friendly professionals will be happy to tell you more about our capabilities for domestic and international employee relocation.

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