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New Jersey Records Management & Storage

Records management and storage needs are ever-changing. The storage of old files and business records has turned into storage of active files also. With the cost of office space on the increase, our customers are storing more and more of their active files with us. Because we store your files in racks that are 29 1/2 feet tall, our cost per square foot is much lower than if you were to store them in your office. The J. D. Carton & Son team is uniquely qualified to be your records management and storage partner because we track files, not just boxes of files. The key to this detail tracking is bar-coding.

Bar-code Tracking

Bar-code tracking has proven to be the best way to keep track of any kind of inventory. At J. D. Carton & Son, we have bar-codes on all rack positions, on each box and if we are tracking files for you, they are bar-coded also. The hand held data collection scanners prompt our staff through pickup, drop off and retrieval. The scanners are continually downloaded to keep the database current. Attached to each barcode is the box/file information, as you want to see it. There are many options here but the theme is the same: we will track your company's information as you define.

File Bar-codes

We not only keep track of your files but the information inside the files. We can manage the contents of a file by your definitions. You define the data entry fields so you can get the most information out of queries or reports. If you need to do conflict of interest checking, customer look up, policy searches or who archived material, our system will accommodate any kind of search.

Customer Internet Access

We will provide you with the ability to schedule file or box pull over the internet. Simply perform a look up of a box or file and then request it. We will do the rest. Every type of pick up, delivery, review and service we offer can be done through our internet-based software. You will have the same access to the information we maintain for you. The information can be prepared for exporting to your report writer or you can use ours. The whole system is secure using the latest in password-protected software.

Billing Options

We offer many choices here as well. Some companies chose to receive one invoice for our records management and storage services and others ask us to invoice by department or by business unit. This is very easy to do and we can set it up, as you would like to have it.

Records Storage and Management Services from J.D. Carton & Son

Our records management and storage provides you with peace of mind in knowing your old and active files are in the best hands. Contact J.D. Carton at (973) 536-2424 to discuss our records storage services today!

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