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New Jersey Commercial Storage

At J. D. Carton & Son, we understand that corporate America is always changing, and as such, so are your commercial storage needs. You require your storage vendor to use modern technology, be flexible, have a quality service team and offer a complete solution to your commercial storage and warehousing needs. The experts at J. D. Carton have all of these abilities. Our service starts with our state-of-the-art, internet based, barcode driven, asset management system.

Our System is Designed Around Your Office Furniture Storage Standards

Each of our customers has different data requirements for their inventory. The furniture manufacturers all have different ways and codes to define their product. Our system is very flexible and can easily meet both challenges. Our customers define to us what detail we are to track for their product. We will work with your space planners and architects to define these fields so your inventory can easily be reused. All of this input will create your unique customer profile, which will be down loaded into our hand held data collection device. This device will prompt our field people through the bar-coding and data collection process. We make sure we capture the detail you need.

Bar Code Tracking

Locations in the warehouse, inventory tags, work orders, and scan sheets are utilized by our staff to expedite warehouse activity. This in turn gives you assurance that your inventory is being tracked in great detail through its entire life within the warehouse. Plus, the process is being expedited through the use of automation.

Bar Code Readability

By utilizing portable data collection devices that can scan up to 15 different types of bar codes, J. D. Carton can read your existing barcodes and use that data. This means more accurate information for your records and the ability to cross-reference inventory information.

Customer Internet Access

Now you have the ability to see inside the warehouse and work with your data online. By logging onto your secure designated site through a User ID and Password, inventory information can be at your fingertips to view, sort, filter, report on and create Work or Service Orders. We also have the ability to transfer the information to you. These reports can be sent to you in Excel, ASCII, Lotus, Access and other formats for your use.

Digital Imaging

Imagine how easy it would be to pick items out of commercial storage by simply looking at a picture catalog. With the J. D. Carton & Son, Inc. system, digital images can be attached to a single inventory item record. This allows you to feel more confident in ordering the delivery of items by using visual identification.

Asset Management

Our unique system can also be expanded for use as your asset management system. Our team will meet with your finance department to make sure the information captured meets all your needs. Barcodes will be placed on your existing furniture and can be scanned into a location (building, floor, office). The key again is flexibility; our system can be designed to meet all your needs.

Office Furniture Storage Services from J.D. Carton & Son

Our commercial storage provides you with peace of mind in knowing your goods are in the best hands. Contact J.D. Carton at (973) 536-2424 to discuss our office furniture storage services today!

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