Today’s digital landscape has made many aspects of running a company incredibly simple for business owners.

Organization, of course, is one of the main benefits:

·  No more scrambling around trying to find a document.

·  No more shredding.

·  No more paper cuts.

Computers have virtually eradicated those concerns for us; however, now we have another issue:

What to do with all the important paper work you can’t discard?

Lucky for you, JD Carton & Son offers more than just moving services. We also offer New Jersey records management services, which include:

Barcode Tracking:

Barcode tracking is one of the best ways to keep track of virtually any inventory, especially documents. At JD Carton, we stand by this simple and streamlined technology, as it makes the process of locating every piece of documentation fast and easy – just the way it should be.

Customer Internet Access:

No more phone calls and no more in-person visits. With JD Carton & Son, you can schedule a file or box pickup right over the internet. All you have to do is perform a look up of a box or file and request it. It’s the easiest, safest and most secure way to handle your documentation – guaranteed!

Flexible Billing Options:

At JD Carton & Son, we like to give you choices that’ll make doing business with us easier and more streamlined than you ever thought possible. Ask us about our records management and storage services – you’ll be surprised at how convenient we make the process for you.

Call us today! Our warehouse is located in Parsippany and we serve businesses throughout New Jersey and New York City. Call now or go online to fill out a quote form and receive your free consultation and no-obligation estimate!