international relocation

Moving abroad can be one of the most exciting—and most stressful—times in anyone’s life. When you’re making a move to a new country, you’re not only moving your belongings, but your entire life. For such an important task, it’s important that you only work with a relocation company that you can trust and feel comfortable with. 

Whether you’re moving to Summit or Shanghai, Milan or Maui, J.D. Carton & Son’s quality-driven, experienced team of experts has the skills and services you can count on. We always offer free moving estimates, free stretch-wrapping, insurance, full-service packing and crating options, specialized shipping, storage facilities and so much more! 

J.D. Carton & Son can help take the stress out of international moving. In addition to hiring a top-notch professional moving team, we have put together a few other tips to help make sure your transition goes as smoothly as possible. 

1. Check-Up

Before going abroad, make sure to get a check-up with your doctor to receive any necessary shots, immunizations and vaccines. This is also a good time to pay any outstanding bills and close accounts as necessary. 

2. Store or Sell

You want your international move to be as easy as possible, so take some time to go through all of your belongings before the big day and sell or store anything that you won’t need at your new home. If you’re moving to a warmer climate, consider donating or giving away old winter clothes and gear; similarly, make arrangements for warm weather materials if you’re moving somewhere cold. 

3. Streamline Packing

Organization is essential for any move, and even more so for a long-distance, international move. When you’re packing, make sure to use sturdy, durable materials and boxes to store your items. It is also important to label each container with detailed information about the contents, the room it belongs in and what number of boxes go to each room (for example: “Kitchen, utensils, box 2 of 5”). This will help both you and your moving company keep track of all belongings during the transition. 

4. Organize Paperwork

From customs papers and moving documents to passports and everything in between, an international move requires a lot of important paperwork. Make sure that you always keep everything you need organized, on-hand and easily accessible in a folder or bag that you can keep in your carry-on bag or purse during the move. 

The experts at J.D. Carton & Son, together with Allied International, have been helping families relocate since 1953 and are the premier choice for all of your international moving needs. Call us today for more information and to get started on your own move abroad!