residential moving large family households

Though it may not always feel like it, getting all members of your family involved with a relocation can be easy, and yes—even fun! With a little planning and creativity, you can turn this extremely busy, stressful time into a great opportunity for bonding and using team work to get it all done. Here, your friends at JD Carton have put together a few tips for wrangling everyone into the action:

For Little Ones:

Make it fun! There’s nothing better than the appeal of a new game or activity for kids to try. You can help them feel entertained and involved by letting them “decorate” their own moving boxes with crayons or markers (and use them to make forts once you’ve arrived at the new house!). You can even have your younger children help you to pack up some of their favorite toys, stuffed animals or clothes; make it a race or a competition to up the excitement. Knowing exactly where and when their belongings have been packed is a great way for toddlers and young children to feel more secure and confident about the upcoming transition. 

For Teens:

With all of the emotional, social, psychological and even physical changes that happen during the teen years, your high-school kids are going through a lot. Throwing a move into the mix adds even more unpredictability to their lives, so being patient is very important during a relocation. To try and keep your teenagers engaged, helpful and prevent them from dwelling on negative emotions, assign them specific responsibilities. These could range from packing up their own belongings to watching the younger children to helping clean up the house before the big day. Feeling needed and as “grown-up” as possible will help your teens feel like important, valuable parts of the moving process. 

For College ‘Kids’: 

Whether they’re home on break or are moving back after graduating, college-aged children are more than capable of helping out with the major moving necessities. In addition to packing their own things (time permitting), they can also help pack delicate, valuable items that the younger children would not, help clean and prepare the house, as well as helping you keep the smaller kids engaged and occupied during the process. 

No matter how close or far you’re planning on moving, the experts at JD Carton can help you get there, quickly and easily! Call us today for more information about residential local or long-distance moving services and more tips and tricks to make it as smooth as possible. You can speak to one of our highly-knowledgeable representatives or fill out our quick quote form to get started!