Although I work in the moving industry, its safe to say I was not ecstatic over the moving process. There are items everywhere and all of a sudden you're playing box tetris in your friend's brother's van. While it will always be difficult, here are my top ten tips which served me well and made my move much easier. 

1) Use the Change of Address Form
Use a Change of Address form from the post office. As much as you’d rather not see those bills, missed mail is rarely a good thing.

2) Get What’s Yours
If you are renting, make sure to do a walkthrough 1-2 weeks before moving to settle discrepancies about the security deposit. Your landlord must send you an itemized list and/or your deposit within 30 days after you move.

3) If it doesn’t fit, Sell it
Measure furniture before moving it. If it doesn’t fit, sell it as soon as possible. If time is running out, you may have to give it away. Try local charities, Craigslist, or local Facebook groups. 

4) Label all boxes
It seems simpler to toss everything into boxes and just label them “bathroom” or “kitchen.” But when it’s 11:00pm and you’re looking for your toothbrush, you will regret not putting some details on those boxes!

5) Always have a plan B
Moving can be a heavy load! It’s only natural to ask your friends for help packing or using their van/truck. However, plan to do your moving without them as well. Always have a plan B. Something might come up, such as your friend getting sick. Or maybe they’d rather relax at home watching Netflix - aka “important errands.”

6) Don’t get mad at them!
Okay, maybe they bailed. Forget about it! You’re stressed out to begin with, just breathe and let it go. Moving is temporary, your friendship isn’t (we hope).

7) And it will be stressful
There’s no doubt about it, moving is one of the most stressful life events, along with divorce, job loss, etc. It’s even worse when your move is a result of these, but hopefully there are some positives to your move.  While it may not seem like it at the moment, it can be a fresh start and take you on a path with different opportunities.

8) Put pets in one room
You might not prioritize this since little Buddy never goes out anyway. But all of the commotion can scare your pet into going outside or hiding somewhere. Keep your pet(s) in a place where you know they’ll be safe.

9) Make sure they are hydrated and comfortable

During and after your move, make sure to pay attention to your pets’ health. Ensure they always have fresh water, food, and that they go on frequent potty breaks. Once you move, slowly introduce them to the new place, keeping them in one room until they can feel comfortable enough to explore.

10) Don’t think that you can do without any advice.
Listen to the experts. Maybe you think you know better or that you can do without certain pieces of advice. All we have to say is, you can start apologizing to your future self now!

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