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For specialized moving in New Jersey, J.D. Carton & Son is the best in the business, and had been since its founding in 1953. Recently, our team of expert movers was contacted by Pfizer to complete a specialized fitness equipment moving project during the renovation of its gym at the Peapack-Gladstone, NJ corporate office.

To install a new rubber floor in the 2,000-square-foot fitness center, the equipment had to be temporarily relocated by professionals to ensure no damages or injuries occurred. Our team of experienced NJ gym equipment movers was more than happy to give them a hand!

The Preparation

The first step in the process was to prepare all fitness equipment for transport out of the gym. Exercise benches, weight machines, and other pieces of equipment were carefully disassembled, organized and packed for temporary storage. Several cardio machines and other large, heavy pieces of equipment had to be lifted, hauled, and placed in an adjoining room. Dozens of free-weight systems and smaller items were collected, packed and moved with special consideration for weight and potential damage. In all, several thousand pounds of equipment, in all shapes and sizes, were efficiently prepared and moved in just a few hours. 

The Finalization

NJ gym movers

After the carpet was removed and the new rubber flooring was installed, our work resumed. For the final stage of the project, our crew of NJ specialized movers completed the project, essentially, in reverse – relocating all of the equipment back to its original location and condition. The combination of organization, preparation, and skill made for an easy, efficient re-assembly of the fitness equipment and proper set-up of the Pfizer gym. Using hand trucks and specialized commercial moving equipment, our team safely completed the job while keeping the gym facility and fitness equipment intact.

At J.D. Carton & Son, our first priority is to not only meet, but exceed our client’s expectations. With quick and efficient service from our expert team, the Pfizer project was completed professionally and on-time to meet the customer’s needs. Our comprehensive gym moving services include the ability to properly disassemble and reassemble all fitness equipment, transport specialty equipment with our state of the art trucks and professional moving crews, and provide comprehensive warehousing solutions – from receiving to storage to delivery.

To find out how J.D. Carton & Son can help you with your next NJ gym moving project, give us a call today at (973) 536-2424. A member of our expert staff will thoroughly explain the services that we offer and provide you with a free, no-obligation quote to meet all of your moving and storage needs!