NJ long distance movers

With prime moving season heating up, many people are looking to make the switch from a colder to a warmer climate. For years, this type of move has been especially popular among seniors, as the warmer climate typically brings many health benefits and less chance of injury. Additionally, seniors relocate south because of the lower cost of living, which in turn can affect retirement, inheritance, pension, and social security.

Headed to the Tar Heel State

A popular destination for a move from New Jersey to a warmer climate is North Carolina. With its sunny beaches, laid back atmosphere, and emphasis on southern hospitality, North Carolina is ideal for senior citizens of all age and income levels.

When making the decision to move from New Jersey to North Carolina, it’s essential to find a moving company that excels in both interstate and long distance moving. As an NJ interstate moving company, JD Carton excels in making sure that your move south is seamless, stress-free, and high quality. How does an expert interstate mover make your transition easier?

Trust in our New Jersey Movers

Since 1953, JD Carton has understood that residential moving is more than packing up belongings and relocating them from Point A to Point B. When moving, you’re essentially leaving your old life behind and starting anew. That’s why our professional moving crew provides a free in-home estimate beforehand, allowing you to spend more time mentally and emotionally prepping yourself for the transition.

JD Carton offers moving benefits that truly set us apart, including electronic estimating, stretch-wrap furniture protection, computerized tracking for interstate moves, modern storage facilities, packing and crating, and custom moving planning with a personal Relocation Consultant. All of these benefits combine to give you an easy, stress-free move.

When it comes time to move, trust JD Carton to provide you with the best NJ long-distance movers in the business. By preparing early with a free, customized quote, you can begin working with personal Relocation Consultant to plan the perfect move. Call J.D. Carton at (973) 536-2424 or fill out our online formto discuss our long distance moving services today.