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Moving is often overwhelming, and it can be extra stressful when you aren’t able to find available movers. Spring and summer are the busiest seasons of the year for moving companies, so if you want to ease some stress and secure the resources you need, moving during the fall can be a great solution.

As the premier New Jersey residential movers, J.D. Carton & Son provides customer-oriented services that make your move smooth and stress-free! To help give you the easiest move possible, we’ve assembled some of our best New Jersey fall moving tips below.

  • Prepare for the Unexpected:  One of the possible disadvantages to moving during autumn is the unpredictable weather. Because you have to pack your belongings, it can be frustrating to put away your cool weather clothes only to have your moving day be unseasonably warm. Fortunately, most of the fall season in New Jersey is mild, and if you plan on wearing layers, you can prepare for sudden weather changes. Pick light layering clothing that is comfortable and allows you to move easily.
  • Wear Sensible Shoes:  Wearing a good pair of athletic shoes or other closed-toe footwear is always advisable when moving, but it’s especially important when moving in autumn. As seasoned New Jersey movers, J.D. Carton & Son understands the importance of picking shoes with good traction. Fallen leaves can be a serious hazard when wet, so plan on shoes that will help stabilize you as you walk around your new property.
  • Take Daylight into Account:  The days get shorter when fall hits, so it’s important to factor this into your moving plan. You want to be sure that your New Jersey residential movers will have plenty of daylight available for unloading all of your belongings and other moving tasks.
  • Have a Plan for Kids:  If you have children, one of the downsides to moving later in the fall is that the school year will most likely have started. However, there are still plenty of things that you can do to help your child ease into this transition. Visit the school well before your move and meet with your child’s teacher and principal to help him/her feel more at ease once they’re ready to start school.
  • Have Contingency Plans:  As with most things in life, it’s a good idea to have a backup plan in the event of unexpected emergencies or circumstances. By planning ahead and making contingency plans for inclement weather or other situational challenges, you won’t have to worry about bad weather ruining your big day.

Planning a fall move? Trust the leading New Jersey moving company for a seamless and streamlined experience. For more New Jersey autumn weather moving tips, contact J.D. Carton & Son today! Call to discuss your upcoming relocation with one of our friendly associates or fill out our convenient online form to request your free estimate.