NJ movers moving tips

Summer is the most popular time of year for a move, and many New Jersey moving companies are booked well in advance. While there are many advantages to a summer move, such as not having to switch schools mid-year, a hot weather relocation can also pose a few challenges. Here are a few tips for making your local or interstate move a stress-free adventure, even in the summer heat!

Beat the Heat

Moving in the heat is tough, so be sure to dress in light, breathable fabrics, have plenty of water on hand, and take breaks as needed. If possible, time your move so that you can get most of the loading or unloading done before hottest part of the day.

Keep the Kids Occupied

To keep the kids from being bored, be sure to have a few things to keep them occupied. Coloring books, games, or a portable DVD player or laptop with a stash of movies are a few ideas. If there is an adult you can spare on moving day, getting the kids out from underfoot by sending them to a movie or a nearby waterpark is the way to go.  

Make Plans for the Pets

If your move takes place during mild weather, you may be able to leave your pets in a fenced-in backyard while the NJ movers do their thing. This isn’t possible on a hot summer day. Instead, make plans to have to your pets stay at a friend’s house or board them on the day that the movers are going to pack up your home. Plan ahead for the new location by finding a doggy daycare where you can let your pets stay cool and safe while the movers unpack the truck.

Confirm that Utilities will be On

It would make for a miserable summer surprise to arrive at your new home to find that you’ll have to be without electricity (and air conditioning) because your utilities weren’t turned on. Set the turn on date for at least one day before your actual move-in date, and then call a day or two in advance to confirm that they will definitely be turned on for your arrival.

Handle Heat-Sensitive Items with Care

If you have belongings that won’t do well sitting on the lawn in the heat, be sure to mark those boxes so that you or your NJ movers will know to bring those items into the air conditioning first.

Pick the Right NJ Movers

The best piece of advice for a summertime—or anytime!—move is to take care when looking at New Jersey moving companies. You want to choose NJ movers with a solid reputation for providing quality service.

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