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In May, moving companies across the nation recognize National Moving Month—the official start of the high season for relocation for NJ movers. During this time, the best NJ moving companies can be quite busy, with calendars chock-full of appointments from Memorial Day to Labor Day weekend.

Unfortunately, this can make it difficult for customers to book quality moving companies to help with their relocation projects. With moving services in such high demand, less-than-trustworthy companies run rampant and offer inadequate, unprofessional, and even nonexistent services that can turn any stressful moving situation into a total nightmare.

At JD Carton & Son, our NJ household movers are ready to help customers make the most of their moving experience, whether it’s over the winter season or during the peak moving months of the summer. If you’re planning a move in this busy time of year and want to avoid a potential disaster, the best thing you can do is to plan ahead. To help you find a reputable NJ moving company for a successful relocation over the busy summer season, make sure that you focus on the following tips.

Search for “NJ Moving Companies” Online

Your first step to finding a reputable moving company is to go online, open your favorite browser, and type in a search for “moving companies in New Jersey”. As obvious as that sounds, it’s surprising how many people skip this step and go straight to dialing a number for services they’ve seen advertised on flyers, billboards, newspapers, or internet ads—without taking the time to investigate the company and compare other local providers.

Researching NJ Movers is an essential part of the process, especially over the high season, as the most reputable moving companies will have a strong, solid online presence. The movers you choose should have a legitimate website, active social media page, and plenty of reviews from satisfied customers—as well as an official affiliation with an internationally recognized industry giant like Allied Van Lines.

Recognize Red Flags and Warning Signs of an Illegitimate Moving Company

The inexperienced, unqualified, and dishonest moving providers come out of the woodwork during the summer moving rush, and knowing how to avoid them can help you avoid a plethora of problems and issues during your relocation. While a strong online presence will reveal a lot about a company, other red flags that you should watch out for include:

  • Missing or Bad Online Reviews: In this day and age, companies large and small have online reviews. The best moving companies will have a strong rating from former customers on various sites like Yelp, Google Reviews, and their own website, while the worst ones will have poor ratings or none at all.
  • Lack of Experience: When considering a moving company, take a look at its “About Us” page on its website, and check into the history of the company. If the date the company was founded is missing, this might be because the company is relatively new. The most established, reputable movers have been in operation for years—like JD Carton & Son, whose founder began the company in 1953.
  • All-Purpose Price Quotes: A reputable company will offer a personalized pricing estimate based on a thorough evaluation in your home. This evaluation should be completely free of charge, with no obligation of any kind. Less reputable companies and scam artists often suggest a general, flat-rate quote for your move, without an in-home consultation or any regard to the specific details of your situation.
  • High-Pressure Sales Tactics: If you’re feeling uneasy at any time while discussing a contract with a moving company, walk away. High-pressure sales tactics are a giant red flag—as well as a sign that the moving company is dishonest, unprofessional, or both.

Make it a Point to Get Everything in Writing

The best moving companies offer detailed contracts that outline a clear, specific moving plan and upfront pricing based on your specific moving needs. Poor-quality companies, on the other hand, often fail to produce any type of contract at all or draft poor-quality contracts that put the customer at risk for being taken advantage of. 

Thoroughly review the contract you’re signing, and make sure you’re aware of any hidden costs or extra fees, like surcharges for moving up flights of stairs or for carrying extra-heavy items. If something doesn’t seem quite right or you’re confused about the moving plan, ask questions and carefully consider whether you’d be better off hiring another company to handle your move.

If you’re looking for top-notch moving services during the busiest season of the year, let us know! At JD Carton & Son, we’ve been serving the area’s residents with affordable, high-quality moving and storage solutions for well over half a century. To learn more about our experienced team of professional NJ movers, give us a call. You can also fill out our online form to request a free, no-obligation quote for our services.