Are you planning to move? Make the most of your timing by scheduling for savings. There is a reason why residential moving has a peak season. It is convenient for families with kids to move during the summer. It is convenient for almost anyone to move when the weather is nice. And it is convenient to move when you don’t have to worry about filing your taxes, celebrating holidays, or any of the other things that fill up our time during the year. But convenience costs money. Just like buying pre-cut produce at the grocery store, you can expect to pay premium prices during peak moving season. According to Northern New Jersey long-distance movers, here’s why you might want to consider going against the grain:

You’ll Get More Flexibility in Scheduling your Move

Getting dates lined up can be a headache. Banks and mortgage companies tend to dictate when you can close on your homes and when you have to be out when you sell. Property owners control lease dates for rentals. Even start dates for your employment might be out of your hands. Many families get stuck in limbo, at least for a few weeks, living out of hotel rooms and stashing their belongings in storage—all of which costs a lot of money.

But flexibility is on your side in the off-season. Moving companies will have more dates available, property managers might be more flexible, and even getting your closing scheduled should seem a little more manageable when there aren’t hundreds of other families trying to do the same things.

Skip the Delays from Congestion and Get Settled Faster

Have you ever moved across the country only to arrive and find that you beat your stuff by weeks? It goes without saying that when moving companies are busier, everything can take a little longer. Delays are much more common. If you like the idea of camping out in an empty house, it might be a cool bonding experience with your family. But we’re willing to bet that these delays are pretty frustrating. In the off-season, you probably won’t have to deal with them.

You’ll Save a Significant Amount of Money on Your Move

Moving is expensive. Depending on the scale of the move (both in terms of the amount of stuff you’re taking and how far you’re going), it can cost between $1,500 and $4,600 on average to move. And that’s just for your stuff, you’ll also have to come up with the money for closing costs, utility deposits, and temporary housing as well. But if you choose to move during the off-season, you can get a better deal on rates from moving companies and possibly even discounted rates on leases simply because companies are more interested in attracting business during the off-season. And they don’t have to provide offers to get business during the peak season.

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