questions for NJ movers

Picking the right moving company for your needs is crucial if you want a seamless relocation for your home or business. Before you decide on a company, you should perform in-depth research on moving companies in your area. 

As part of your research, you should ask a company several questions to better understand how they operate. If you think a company fits your needs, you can move forward in hiring them.

This article will cover several questions you should ask prospective moving companies. 

How Long has your Company Been in Business?

How experienced a moving company is will better help you how smooth your relocation will be for your home. When a company has years of experience, they have likely resolved issues in its service and are less likely to make a mistake. 

Inexperienced companies haven't faced some common problems that arise during a relocation, so they may not have the proper response. Ask a moving company how long they've been in business. 

Can you Tell Me About your Facility?

A dedicated company headquarters location is one of the best signs of a stable moving business. While speaking to a moving company, you should ask to see their facilities and storage space. 

If you have many items you need to store, it's best to work with a moving provider with a large storage warehouse. A company with large storage space will have plenty of room for your items. 

What are Some of Your Accolades and Affiliations?

If you want a good indication of a moving company's professionalism, you should discuss their accolades and trade group affiliations. When a moving provider has received accolades, they likely have delivered consistently good service. 

Moving companies that are a part of an industry group will also have the network to deliver high-quality relocation services. If a company doesn't have affiliations, this could be negative during the interview process.

Can I See Feedback From your Prior Customers?

Customer feedback is one of the most important things to look for when speaking with a moving company. Customers will be honest about their experience and note any potential negatives when working with a company. 

Ask a moving company to see some customer feedback that they've received recently during a similar relocation. If a company doesn't have any on hand, you can view online reviews from trustworthy platforms.

Can you Explain the Steps you Take to Protect my Property?

Every moving company should have an in-depth plan to ensure your property remains undamaged while residential movers haul your items out. While questioning a company, you should ask the precautions they take to protect your property. 

At a minimum, the moving company should add protection to doorways and carpeting to ensure your home doesn't get damaged by accident. Additionally, it would be best if you asked how they protect your belongings through professional packing and wrapping. 

Can you Explain the Claims Process in the Event my Items get Damaged?

While having your items damaged is a frustrating experience, a company with a customer claims process makes the issue easier to manage. Ask moving companies how they handle customer claims and what they do if an item is damaged. 

A moving provider should also explain Released Value Protection and Full Value Protection for your claims. If the moving company has a detailed plan, this is a great sign. 

Can you Explain your Pricing Policies?

Moving providers should have a definitive guide to how they price their relocation services. A company's pricing policies should include add-ons such as optional packing and storage options. 

While discussing pricing options, ask the moving provider if written pricing is binding or non-binding. As a customer, you want to avoid an experience where the price is a surprise. 

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