Moving can be an ordeal, and it doesn’t just involve transferring your properties from your current residence to a new one. Serious consideration must be given to your home during a home relocation. In line with this, here are some fantastic tips to help you protect various areas of your home.

Protecting Your Lawn

Your lawn is the first thing a moving crew is likely to come in contact with since they have to create a pathway from your home to their moving truck. However, it’s only normal that some landscaping items may be on this pathway, and you wouldn’t want them getting damaged during the move. Go ahead and inform the moving crew about your concerns, so they can take more precautions around these items.

Remove items that can be moved, such as lawn statues/ornaments and bird feeders. Further, if you have a wet lawn from a recent weather event, you’d best use plywood, particleboard, cardboard, or other covering on your grass. Such materials will minimize damage from the high foot traffic during the moving process.

Protecting Your Floors

With home movers walking in and out of your home many times, the chances of bringing outside dirt into your home increase. You can deal with this by protecting every carpeted area of your home with plastic wraps. Besides, most residential movers do that first as a precaution immediately after they enter your home on moving day. Professional movers may also lay particleboards to guard against dollies and hand truck usage.

Protecting Doorways & Stairwell Banisters

Moving bulky items could scratch or damage permanent wood fixtures in your home. That’s why it’s best to cover such items with towels or heavy blankets. Also, professional household moving companies have stacks of padded moving blankets in their trucks that come in handy for wrapping sensitive wood areas for added protection. If you are worried about your door surfaces getting scratched by furniture, take the doors out of their hinges on moving day.

Protecting Windows and Wall Decors

Arts, pictures, and other decors may affect your line of sight when moving large, bulky items like furniture. To avoid a situation where you and the moving crews accidentally swipe and damage curtains or wall decors in high-traffic areas, remove them before any heavy lifting.

Protecting Against Spills

Seal every liquid and powder container at the beginning of the move so that nothing extra gets on your walls or floors. Also, dispose of unwanted liquids and powders before moving day. And if you want to offer the long-distance movers something to drink, stick with bottled water. An accidentally spilled bottle of water is easy to clean up.

Protecting Your Garage Floor

Garages at home often contain different liquids and materials, including oil, chemicals, and soil for vehicle and lawn care. The ideal thing to do is properly dispose of them by moving day to avoid accidentally spilling them. Besides, many residential moving companies won’t move such items.

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