Properly preparing your belongings for a move is important to prevent damage during transit. While most people know how to pack dishes, clothing, and other items inside their homes, some are less sure about the items kept in their garages.

J.D. Carton & Son’s residential movers have provided moving services for more than 60 years, and our experienced movers have put together some of our top tips for moving items in your garage.

Lawncare Equipment
Lawnmowers, weed eaters, trimmers, and other lawncare gear are easy to move in that it’s designed to handle rugged use—so bumps and bangs are no big deal. Prior to moving, you’ll need to remove gas and oil. If you’re bringing along gas cans used to fill your equipment, those need to be emptied as well.

Moving tools in a tool chest is as easy as securing the drawers, so they don’t move around during the move. If you have specialty equipment, such as for woodworking or metalworking, you might want to crate those items to prevent them from being damaged.

Cars and Trucks
If you’re moving on your own and have more than one vehicle to move, you could rent a trailer to pull one vehicle while driving another. If you’re hiring a professional moving company, they will have trailers to accommodate vehicles of most sizes. If moving a high-value vehicle, taking out additional reimbursement coverage is recommended.

You might think moving a motorcycle is as easy as rolling it into the back of a truck, but crating is recommended. Here’s why: motorcycles tip over easily, which could cause transit damage. Using a motorcycle shipping crate and tie-down straps prevent this damage. The crates can be purchased online if you’re completing a DIY move.

Gas and Charcoal Grills
Wrap the outside of the grill and secure the grates before moving. Remove charcoal and disconnect propane tanks before moving. It’s not safe to move propane tanks, and they can be sold back to many places that sell propane tanks.

Paints and Other Flammable Liquids
Items such as paint and other flammable liquids are not safe to move, so these items need to be disposed of prior to your moving day.

Purge Unwanted Items
A move is the perfect time to get rid of unwanted items stored in your garage. Purging outdated and unused items will make moving easier and will let you organize your new garage without all the clutter.

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