moving boxes
Residential moving in NJ can seem hectic, especially if you are in a rush to get out of your old home. At J.D. Carton & Son we want to help you make sure you choose the right boxes for your precious items. There is nothing worse than finally unpacking and realizing an item is broken or damaged. Follow these easy moving box tips and tricks to maximize your moving experience. With over 65 years of experience, J.D. Carton & Son will not steer you wrong. 

Small/ Medium/ Large/ Extra Tall Moving Boxes

Your heaviest items should always be packed in a small box. This will make for easy moving, and be less strenuous on your body. Items like books or canned goods are great for these types of boxes. You can also group together other smaller items and give them a good amount of wrapping. 

If you are looking for a box with versatility, you should use the medium size moving box. Be sure to check your boxes weight limits and then go crazy. Try not to put too many fragile items in one box. These boxes are best for durable items that can be packed together.

Be careful not to pack your large moving box with heavier items. Large moving boxes are best when used with light-weight or bulky items. Pillows, stuffed animals, blankets and comforters all fit great in these types of boxes. 

Our extra tall moving box is made for those awkward shaped items. Items that are narrow like floor lamps or fishing equipment fit well in this style box. 

Dish Pack Box

A dish pack box contains dividers that give you the option to separate small and fragile items from one another. This kind of box is amazing for dishes but also works great with other fragile items you may not want in a small or medium sized box.

File Box

If you cannot leave personal files and documents in a filing cabinet or desk during transport, file boxes are the perfect option. It will make transportation much easier and keep all of your documents nicely organized.

Electronics Box

An electronics box is made with thicker walls, allowing it to accommodate the weight and size of household electronics. Microwave ovens, desktop computers, and sound systems all work great in these types of boxes.

TV Box

Large flat screen televisions fit great in TV boxes. It is always best to provide your TV with as much protection as possible during transport.

Large Picture/ Mirror Boxes

If you are looking for a box to protect your mirrors or wall art this cardboard box is perfect. Most of the time these boxes offer handles that will make it easier to carry larger items.

Wardrobe Box

When you are looking for easy clothes transport, wardrobe boxes are key. These boxes have metal rods in them, and are as simple as hanging clothes in a closet. Make sure to use these boxes to pack your formal wear so nothing gets wrinkled!

Mattresses Bags & Boxes

These boxes and bags protect your mattress from getting dirty while you move. They also work great on box springs. If you can afford to spring for the durable mattress bags, they often contain handles making the item easier to move.

Custom Crates

Custom crating is perfect for items that do not fit in standard boxes. At J.D. Carton & Son we can help you with these packing items to make sure they make it to your new home in one piece. We offer professional wooden crate options that are custom built around each item. This works out best for artwork, antique furniture, and sculptures. Do not do your NJ long-distance move with fragile items on your own. Call us today for a free estimate.