Good morning New Jersey,

Everyone at J.D. Carton and Son would like to send our thoughts to everyone on the Atlantic Seaboard. New England is resilient and we will work together to overcome Hurricane Sandy.

Parsippany is under a state of emergency. Half of residents are out of power. An estimate from Jersey Central Power and Light is that over 20 thousand residents are without electricity. In total the State of New Jersey estimates that over 7 million residents are without power.

Parsippany Police Chief DeZenzo asks for people to stay in their homes. There are hundreds of live power lines and trees on our streets. You can never be too safe in a time like this.

Here are some safety reminders that will go a long way: 1. Don't approach potentially dangerous water

I bet you've heard the proverb "Still water runs deep." If waters are calm on the surface and you can't see the bottom then there's no telling how deep the water is. You don't want to be walking around aimiously without knowing what lie underneath.

With the flood waters coming in you don't know what has been washed up under the water. There's going to be broken glass from shattered windows from these extreme gale winds. The bigger concern should be fallen trees and down powerlines.

Don't put yourself in danger if you can avoid it. The township has called a state of emergency so people should stay home. But more importantly the roads should be left for emergency use only.

2. Calling for help: use 911

Some people have been using Twitter to call for help. The Police urge residents to call 911 in case of emergency. Social media might be the wave of the future but for here and now pick up the phone if you need the police or paramedics.

If your residence needs to have the basement pumped call 973-263-4300.

3. Conserving your resources

Ration your resources. Resources can be anything from batteries to water.

We've gotten word that the water department is working on a backup generator. Water from the tap is chlorinated to safe levels but regardless you don't know how things may turn in the next few days. Conserve water usage for your sake and the entire township.

As Sandy moves along her path we hope that everyone stays safe. J.D. Carton is proud to be a local New Jersey company serving your city or township.

Take care everybody,

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