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Office moves are an incredible opportunity to expand and enhance your company at every level. Whether you’re opening a new location in another city, or simply relocating into a larger or more convenient set-up, an office move is bound to be an exciting step towards the growth and success of your business.

That said, office moving isn’t for the weak. Moving in any circumstances is hard work, and requires a ton of planning, organization, and strategy—especially for office relocations. Excessive downtime can take away from the productivity of your staff, while the company itself can go over budget if not careful or paying attention to potential moving costs.

If you’re planning an office move, you’re in need of a solid strategy, an organized and detailed moving calendar, and plenty of professional assistance to tie it all together. As one of the area’s top-rated New Jersey office movers, JD Carton & Son has been serving the community with quality moving and storage services since 1953. Our team of expert movers specializes in smooth, streamlined office moving projects, and we know what it takes to create a valuable game plan to structure an office move of any size.

In this article, we’ll go over some tips on how to strategize your office move to prepare for your company’s upcoming relocation. Follow along as we go over the importance of a streamlined and organized office moving game plan, and what kind of invaluable services you can expect from a professional NJ office moving company like JD Carton & Son.

Coordinating the Perfect Office Relocation

A lot goes into office relocation, from initial planning and organizing to the actual packing, transporting, and setting up. For this reason, working with a moving company that offers a comprehensive set of commercial moving services that cater to serve your specific needs can mean the difference between moving chaos and a loss of productivity, and a successful relocation that elevates your business to a new level.

Here’s how our moving experts plan the perfect office move, from start to finish:

  • Pre-Move Set-Up: Before you even pack a single box of supplies, you’ll need to invest time into strategizing your move in advance. We help you with your pre-move planning, inventory listings, label system designs, file space allocation planning, and barcoding/tagging so you know everything is going where it needs to go and won’t get lost in the shuffle. If you have specialty items, large furniture or desks, or sensitive or high-tech items, we specialize in de-installation, fragile packing, and climate-controlled transportation to avoid damage to your valuable office equipment and belongings.
  • Moving Day: During this stage is where the actual moving occurs for your company as designated during the pre-planning. We help you with your packing, computer disconnection, modular furniture breakdown, and more.
  • Mid-Move: This is the moment where you make sure that everything is going according to plan and make adjustments based on real-time factors. One of the options explored with us is our storage option with asset management. We offer this because even the best plans change sometimes beyond anyone’s control.
  • Final Stages: In this stage, we deliver the final pieces of equipment, begin unpacking, reconnect computers, and provide modular furniture installation. At this point, your new office location will actually look and be your new office.
  • Post-Move Wrap-Up: We don’t believe in anything less than superior service. That’s why we offer post-move services to ease the transition from old to new as much as possible. In addition, if you decide to take advantage of our long-term storage options, we coordinate the relocation of those assets at this point.

Whether your office relocation is local or across the country, you can count on your professional NJ office movers to get the job done. With the ability to pre-plan and make adjustments along the way you can count on a smooth stress-free office relocation with JD Carton and Sons.

Making Your Move With JD Carton & Son

An office move is an important time for a business. It can be the next step in the growth of your company or a strategic downsizing to maximize your bottom line. With an office move, there are a lot of variables involved. At J.D. Carton & Son we understand those variables, which allows us to provide a truly smooth and easy transition from your old location to your new office space.

Inevitably, there will be downtime during the move. Furniture has to be disassembled, electronics safely disconnected, packing and unpacking, and even reinstallation at the new location. However, as part of our commitment to excellent customer service, we make sure to strive towards reduced downtime where possible so that productivity doesn’t suffer.

We’ve been doing this for over 50 years, so you can trust that we have your commercial move covered from the first box packed to the last computer turned on in your new location. Ready to begin your office relocation? Give us a call to speak with one of our agents about our professional commercial moving services or fill out our online form to schedule your free quote.