warm weather moving tips

Moving from one home to another is physically strenuous. Doing this during warm weather might not be the best option since the weather will likely increase your discomfort on your moving day. Fortunately, there are ways to alleviate this discomfort. Below are our compiled tips for staying cool during a warm day move.

Drink Lots of Water

It is vital to have plenty on hand when moving on a warm-weather day. Staying hydrated will prevent you from feeling lightheaded or faint while going through the stress of moving. It will help replenish your body with fluids you lose through sweat. So ensure bottled water is available to everyone on the day of the move, preferably chilled. Note that if you are hiring moving professionals to help you move, you should plan and have water available for them too. 

Don't Overexert Yourself

Moving involves a lot of heavy lifting, and manual labor can be even more taxing on your body in warmer temperatures. Make sure you have snacks to replenish you during the process and take breaks when necessary. Suppose you feel heavy lifting is a lot for you and don't want to do it yourself. We recommend opting for professional long-distance movers. Our experienced local movers at J.D. Carton & Son offer full-service packing in New Jersey, Essex County, Sussex County, and more to help you move smoothly without lifting a finger. 

Wear Light, Yet Protective Clothing

It is important to dress right during a move in warm weather. First, opt for lightweight, breathable and comfortable fabrics. This will enable breathing space between your skin and the fabric. Also, stick to light-colored clothes rather than dark-colored clothes. Dark colors tend to absorb sunlight, while the lighter colors help reflect sun rays and will keep you cooler. Finally, ensure that you put on close-toed shoes instead of sandals to protect against accidentally dropping items on your toes. Remember to wear gloves with a good grip to minimize dropping items due to sweaty hands. 

Get Your Pets Out of the Way

Warm weather can be hard on your pets, just as it is on you. So make sure you pay attention to them and get them out of the way. Ensure they have access to cool water and arrange for them to be out of your home during the move process. You can have them rest and wait in a cool shady area or a more climate-controlled environment of a friend's or relative's home during the move.

Keep The Home Temperature Comfortable

The best way to make a move slightly better on a warm day is if there's enough air and ventilation to allow the breeze to move through your home. So, ensure that you keep the utilities on at all times, even though there's a high chance that the air conditioning will not be able to keep your home cool with the doors open. You can easily make up for this by placing a lot of portable fans around your home to help with cooling. If driving long distances, ensure your vehicle has enough coolant and functioning AC to prevent you or the vehicle from overheating during the trip. 

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