Long-distance relocations come with a lot of uncertainty for homeowners. If you are planning for a long-distance relocation, you need to consider potential issues that occur unexpectedly.

By being proactive in your relocation, you can avoid frustrating experiences and achieve a hassle-free move. As an experienced long-distance moving company, we know the correct way to plan for the unexpected during your relocation. 

This article will cover some ways you can plan for your upcoming relocation. 

Planning For Unexpected Damages

One of the biggest concerns for people during a long-distance relocation is their items arriving damaged. While most household products can handle a moving truck's conditions, some fragile items need extra attention.

If you have delicate ceramic or glass products, it's best to add more protection when packing them. Adding bubble wrap and packing paper helps cushion the impacts during the relocation.

A professional moving company will be the best option for ensuring that your items arrive safely. Residential movers will have the experience to correctly package your items and have valuation protection if they arrive damaged.

Planning For Unexpected Delays

While you can plan a timeline for your move, unexpected delays are always possible. The most common reasons a long-distance relocation could be delayed are severe weather conditions and a shortage of moving trucks.

When planning your relocation, you should keep several days of necessities with you. If there is a delay, you will have the items to use while you wait for the rest of them to arrive. 

We recommend bringing the following items with you during the move:

  • Clothes
  • Basic Cooking Supplies
  • Toiletries
  • Makeup

Planning For Unexpected Emergencies

If you plan on driving to your next destination, you should have supplies to aid you in unexpected emergencies. You should bring an emergency road kit, a battery-powered phone charger, and download maps on your device for navigation. 

Additionally, you should consider subscribing to a roadside assistance provider like AAA Auto Club or OnStar. If your car breaks down, you can count on having help to get you back on the road.

Planning For Unexpected Fuel Costs

Gasoline is a significant experience for your relocation, as moving trucks use a large amount of it. The price can fluctuate monthly, so it's best to plan for unexpected increases.

One of the best ways to protect yourself against changing fuel costs is to receive a written estimate from a moving company. Additionally, if you are driving your vehicle to the next destination, you should have a flexible budget for gasoline prices. 

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