When relocating, you must plan around items in your home that a moving company can't take for you. A moving provider won't take certain items to protect themselves and ensure your items arrive safely. 

As a professional moving company, we have the experience to know the ideal way to handle your items. This article will give you the steps you need for a hassle-free moving process. 

Food and Kitchen Products

If your next destination requires interstate moving, you won't be able to bring perishable food like produce and opened items on the moving truck. The items will spoil and create an uncomfortable experience for the long-distance movers

Before the move, you should eat all of your perishable food items and ensure you only have canned items for the relocation. Along with food, you should dispose of the fire extinguishers you have in the kitchen. A fire extinguisher should be replaced frequently, so you can buy a new one at your destination.

Cleaning Supplies and Chemicals

Many of the products found in a laundry room aren't safe to transport in a moving truck. These cleaning products have hazardous chemicals like ammonia and bleach that a moving provider can't take. 

If you have these flammable cleaning agents, you should dispose of them before moving day. When throwing away cleaning products, you should also throw away other household cleaning products like glass cleaner. 

Household Plants

Household plants are often great design accents for living rooms, but they aren't suited to be transported by a moving provider. The conditions in the back of a moving truck are too rough for plants to survive.

If you want to bring the plant with you, it's recommended you bring them in your personal vehicle. Giving them to a friend or relative is the best choice if you don't want to bring them with you. 

Firearms and Ammunition

When you have firearms and ammunition for personal protection, you will need to find a way to transport them yourself. You can hire a specialized shipper to handle the transportation or you can keep them in your vehicle.

However, it's important you follow the local regulations if you are crossing state lines to your next destination. It is possible to break a rule on transporting firearms if you are uninformed. 

Garage and Shed Equipment

A garage or shed often houses lawn equipment and other gas-powered items. Before relocating equipment, you will need to empty the gas tanks and storage containers. You will also need to dispose of propane tanks at the correct facility.

Along with gas-powered equipment, you will need to dispose of flammable items like:

  • Large Fluorescent Bulbs
  • Fertilizers
  • Paint Thinner

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