Many people are intimidated by relocating due to the costs of working with a moving provider. Packaging, transporting, and unpacking belongings can add to a significant final invoice.

However, numerous ways exist to cut costs on a residential move and meet your budget. This article will cover some tips for saving money on your residential move. 

Schedule a Garage Sale

When you have unwanted items you don't want to bring to the next destination, a good way to get rid of them is with a yard sale. Selling your belongings can help you earn money and reduce the number of times you have to move. 

From electronics to furniture, you can place items on your lawn for sale and negotiate with buyers. If there isn't an upcoming sale, you can offer to host an event that your neighbors can join.

Donate Any Unwanted Items or Non-Perishable Food 

If selling unwanted items at a garage sale isn't possible, you can still give them to those in need by donating them. A charitable organization will gladly accept clothing, electronics, and other donations. 

Along with charity organizations, you can donate non-perishable food items to a food bank. Canned or boxed items in your pantry can be distributed to those needing assistance. 

Utilize Household Fabrics as Packing Materials

Household fabric items like blankets and towels can be used to pack some of your household belongings. The fabric helps to pad the inside of moving boxes for a smoother relocation of your items.

However, residential movers recommend not using these fabrics to protect your fragile items. A moving company will provide custom crating solutions that will protect your fragile and valuable items. 

Ask About Reusable Moving Supplies

Packing and moving supplies can be costly if you need to relocate many household items. You can save on these costs by asking your moving provider if they offer wardrobe boxes and moving pads for no extra cost.

Most moving and storage companies will lend you reusable moving supplies for your relocation. Additionally, you can visit your local retail store and ask if they have any leftover shipping boxes you can use.  

Empty Self-Storage Ahead of Time 

Do you have self-storage units? Before moving day, you should empty the storage units to prevent the movers from making multiple stops. While movers will help you empty storage, they will charge more to make the additional stop.

Limiting the number of stops will help reduce labor and transportation costs for your relocation. If possible, you should consolidate or dispose of these items before you move. 

Choosing a Low-Cost Moving Provider

Cost is often a main concern of people when choosing a moving company. However, you shouldn't only focus on the costs of moving providers if you want a hassle-free experience. 

You should research the reputation of a moving company to ensure they are a reputable option. While the price is important, you also want your belongings to arrive safely at your new destination.

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