Moving can be a stressful and confusing situation for your pets. If you want to ensure your pets have an enjoyable relocation experience, you should include them in your moving plan. 

As an experienced moving company, we have helped many customers provide a smooth transition for their pets. This article will provide helpful tips for moving with pets during your upcoming move. 

Keep Boxes and Packing Supplies Away From Pets

Curiosity can get the best of your wandering pets, so it's a good idea to keep stacked boxes and supplies away from them. Pets can climb on the boxes or run into them, causing them to come crashing down.

When preparing to relocate, you should keep packed boxes in a designated storage space your pets can't enter. Keeping your supplies away from pets can also prevent them from eating it

Plan Ahead of Time For Your Pets 

If you want to avoid putting your pets in danger, you should move them from the house before the moving day. Having pets in the home can be unsafe for the pets and movers as they can pose a tripping hazard. 

Some places you can put your pets during your moving day are:

  • Next Destination (If Moving Locally)
  • Pet Daycare Service
  • Family or Friends House

When keeping them in another space, you should give them their standard food and toys so they can relax. Once you have a place for your pets, you can better focus on moving and not have to worry. 

Pet-Proof Your Next Destination

If possible, it's best to prepare your next destination for your pets before moving them. You should set up familiar things such as their bed, food bowl, and toys in the home.

Additionally, you should set up a gate in your home if you like to keep your pets in an area of your home. The familiar look of your new home will help the pets get accustomed to the new home. 

Help Your Pets Settle in New Environment 

Relocating is often a chaotic time that makes us forget about giving our pets the attention they deserve. Before unpacking all your belongings, you should walk your pets and ensure they feel included in the space. 

Once your pets have relaxed into their new environment, you can finish the remaining unpacking. A less stressed pet will make transitioning to your new life easier for the owners. 

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